EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS for those who don't want to fail in China!

EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS for those who don't want to fail in China from our speaker Richard Robinson - Serial tech entrepreneur, partner at nHack investing, mentor at Chinaccelerator, responsible for bringing European startups to China and Asia. Adjunct professor at Beijing University.

1. Don't come into China without an unfair advantage:

If you show you business plan to a local Chinese person and ask them if they could do it and they say, "Yes". Then save yourself time, money and headaches and get on the next plane back home.

2. Don't lose your mind:

China is different. China is big. China is challenging. China is attractive. But don't go too crazy and lose your mind and start making crazy decisions that don't have sound financial fundamentals. Sure you need to do some things customized for the China market. Sure you are eager to capture local market share. But I've seen companies either go with a restricting and sub-optimal partner where they were overly reliant on an unvalidated third-party. Or they go so aggressively into the market, paying for expensive leases that will never make economic sense, for instanc, just to grab mind share.

3. Find the right people:

This goes without saying in any market, but this can really take extra time and energy to find the right fit in China. Companies already have to compromise usually because they need to find a leader who's bilingual and bicultural to bridge them into the market.